This is a feature release which has delivered the concept of Teams – a way of adding your yard team/staff to the system so they can help with the admin. Teams Under the Settings menu you will now find a Team option. In here you can add team members, and assign a role. Roles Manager […]


– Ability to cancel an invoice, rather than delete it
– Only show outstanding invoices on the invoice list, rather than paging through all the invoices
– Add additional contacts to a member


This release is a feature release which has changed the way you enter log book entries. The log book creation screen has been re-implemented so it appears as a side draw and stays open even after the log entry has been created. This allows you to quickly submit new entries without having to keep clicking ‘Create’.


This release is a feature release which concentrates on providing better visibility of the status of an invoice. The invoice list page has been updated to replace the status icons with status text and colouring.


After receiving feedback, we have made a change to the way services are logged through the logbook. Before this release a user of Equi-Man would have to assign a service, such as a bail of shavings, to a horse. If a member of the yard had multiple horses the service assignment would have to be split against each horse. With this release you can now assign the bail of shavings directly to a member, as it’s the member who’s paying for it.