Modular Pricing

Why pay for a platform that's based on how busy your equine business is?

Equi-man’s pricing isn’t based on how many clients or equine’s you need to manage, it’s based on the features you want to use. That’s right, whether you want to record the details of 1 equine or 1000, you pay the same base price!


For this base price you get unlimited access to Equine details, Client details, and Equine Measurements (such as worm counts, and temperatures); all stored on Microsoft and Amazon, ensuring your details are secure and fully backed up.

Then optionally add the additional features you want to use, making Equi-Man as unique to your equine business as you need!

Invoicing (£ 4.99)

Provides the ability to generate invoices, email them directly to the client, tracking it all the way through to delivery.

This feature also adds the ability to track payments against the invoice.

Log Book Management (£ 2.99)

Provides the ability to record day to day services within your equine business against your equines or clients.

These log entries can form the basis for your invoices.

Schedules (£ 2.99)

Provides a highly flexible scheduling system that can schedule services against your log book, tasks for you or your team, or reminders.

Tasks (£ 4.99)

Provides a simple and efficient ability to manage tasks; whether that’s a take out/bring in, or a TheraPlate treatment, you can stay organised.

If you manage a team, keep track of their tasks and whether they’ve completed them.

Team Management (£ 1.99)

Provides the ability to add team members to the system so they can help manage the data or be part of the team you need to track and manage.

More features are being added every month – if you want a heads up on whats coming, then register and head on over to the Modules Tab under your Profile – registration is completely free – with NO payment details required!!!