What are Invoice Categories?

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As the title suggests, an Invoice Category is a way of categorising your invoices, but can also to control certain aspects of the system.

An invoice category is typically a way of grouping your services into Extras, Liveries, and Medical services, but it’s entirely up to you on how many or few categories you would like.

The “Is Default For Adhoc” option specifies whether the category should be used when a logbook entry is being added but the service doesn’t exist.

The “Is Heath Care” option specifies whether the services added to this category should be available when recording a medical service e.g. Worming.

Be default the system will generate an invoice for each Invoice Group, allowing you to control when invoices are sent to your clients. However, if you would like to put services on the same invoice provide then place the categories in the same invoice group.

Note that the Invoice Group is printed at the top of the Invoice.