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How do I add repeatable services?

If you have a service that you charge on a regular basis, such as a monthly livery charge, you can add a schedule. Go to the schedules page Select Create Select the service, the member, and quantity you would like to record Using the schedule selection, select when you would like the entry to be […]

How do I add a medical record?

A medical record allows you to keep track of things like when a worming was done. To add a medical record: Go to the Horses page Select the horses you would like to record the medical record against Notice the menu change at the top of the horse list; select Add Medical Record When adding […]

What are Invoice Categories?

As the title suggests, an Invoice Category is a way of categorising your invoices, but can also to control certain aspects of the system. An invoice category is typically a way of grouping your services into Extras, Liveries, and Medical services, but it’s entirely up to you on how many or few categories you would […]

What are services?

Services are the things you record at your yard. For example, you could have things like Bring In, or Turn Out, it’s entirely up to you. Each service you add will be available when recording a log book entry, unless it’s in a medical category – these a treated differently, which is described in another […]

How do I customise the invoice emails?

You can customise the invoice email content through the Yard maintenance screen. Click the Profile Menu (top right) and select Yard Select the Edit button, and then select the Invoice Email Template tab Here’s an example: Dear {{salutation}},Please find attached your latest invoice.For any queries, please reply to┬á,Joe Note that the {{salutation}} is replaced by […]