Release 2019.02.03 has been deployed and is immediately available on your dedicated domain – don’t forget to refresh your browser to get the latest version. 

This is a feature release which has delivered the ability to generate separate invoices by service category; for example have Livery separate from Extras.

Invoice Groups

A new field has been added to the service categories which specifies the invoice group.

Invoice Groups

Default for Adhoc

The “Default for Adhoc” specifies whether the category should be used when adhoc services are assigned to a member.

Note that you can only have one Default for Adhoc.


When invoices are generated the services from the logbook will be grouped together based on the Invoice Group and assigned to an invoice.

In the example below Isabelle had a Livery charge and a charge for an Extra of a Hunter Clip therefore two invoices were generated.

Invoice Grouped