Release 2019.01.24 has been deployed and is immediately available on your dedicated domain – don’t forget to refresh your browser to get the latest version. 

This release is a feature release which has delivered the following new features: 

  • Ability to cancel an invoice, rather than delete it 
  • Only show outstanding invoices on the invoice list, rather than paging through all the invoices 
  • Add additional contacts to a member 

Cancel Invoice

When selecting an invoice from the list you now can cancel the invoice rather than deleting it.

Cancel an invoice

Outstanding Filter

A new option on the invoice list has been added so that paid and cancelled invoices are filtered out, only showing outstanding invoices. 

Member Contacts

A new tab has been added to the Members screen where emergency contacts can be added.

Member contacts

When adding a contact, you can specify the name of the contact and as many contact details as you need.

You can add contact methods from the settings menu; by default, Email, Work Phone, and Home Phone are available.