Release 2018.12.21 has been deployed and is immediately available on your dedicated domain – don’t forget to refresh your browser to get the latest version. 

Log Book Entry

This release is a feature release which has changed the way you enter log book entries. The log book creation screen has been re-implemented so it appears as a side draw and stays open even after the log entry has been created. This allows you to quickly submit new entries without having to keep clicking ‘Create’. 

Fast Log Book Entry

Member Search

The member field on the log entry screen can now be searched using forename or surname i.e. start typing in a member’s forename and the list will automatically filter.

Member auto search

Service Search & Adhoc Services

The service field has also been updated to allow searching, but it has also been combined with the ad-hoc flag. If you type in a service which isn’t registered with the system, it will be treated as an ad-hoc service; eliminating the additional step of toggling the ad-hoc switch.

Some additional features

  • It is now possible to assign a member to a barn allowing for log book entries to be created without the need to select a barn.
  • The ‘Generate Invoices’ button on the log book list screen has been re-labelled to ‘Create Invoices’