Release 2018.12.08 has been deployed and is immediately available on your dedicated domain. 

After receiving feedback, we have made a change to the way services are logged through the logbook. Before this release a user of Equi-Man would have to assign a service, such as a bail of shavings, to a horse. If a member of the yard had multiple horses the service assignment would have to be split against each horse. With this release you can now assign the bail of shavings directly to a member, as it’s the member who’s paying for it.

To support this you no longer have to choose a horse when entering a log book entry, and the invoices no longer breakdown the services by a horse. 

We have also closed out quite a few issues as well. 

  • [EM-52] – Support the ability to assign refunds to members 
  • [EM-55] – Assign logbook items to a member and not a horse
  • [EM-47] – Internal change to increase system logging (not user impacting) 
  • [EM-48] – When a member list is displayed make sure it’s ordered by surname 
  • [EM-49] – Member details can sometimes be slow loading on the logbook screen 
  • [EM-50] – Duplicate invoices references can be generated when there’s over 50 logbook items 
  • [EM-51] – The due date on the pdf invoice is being set to the creation date 
  • [EM-53] – The log book date on the invoice is showing with the incorrect month 
  • [EM-54] – The invoice lines always assume absolute values even when working with refunds 
  • [EM-59] – The passport names are unique to a yard rather than a member