Simplify Equine Management

Are you using a combination of notepads, excel sheets, word docs, emails, and the need for a memory like an elephant to run your business?

Equi-Man is a simple to use online app specifically designed for equine management, which incorporates client & equine record keeping, automated invoice generation with email distribution, staff task management, and a client booking system.

No payment details required to register & 1 month completely FREE access


Log Book

The log book is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an electronic version of a log entry system you use to record what services a member has used throughout the month. Using a quick entry system you can effortlessly add items ready for the creation of your invoices.


Invoices can be effortlessly created from your log book, categorising them into Livery, Extras, or whatever custom category you want it to be. From here they can be emailed out to your members where the builtin email tracking will inform you of the successful delivery.


The beating hearts of your business. Equi-Man can keep track of the most important data for the most important elements of your yard, the horses.


Keep a fully backed up and always available record of your client details; contact information, invoices, emergency contact information, and so much more.


Setup the awesome services your yard provides, the cost of each service, and how they should be grouped on an invoice.


Whether it’s Vets, Farriers, or Saddle fitters you can store their details along with unlimited contacts ensuring you always have their details to hand.


With Healthcare you can track healthcare related activities like vaccinations, veterinary and dentistry visits, and be reminded when boosters are due.


Using the feeds option you can track what feeds each of your equines have in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Equi-Man even comes pre-loaded with over 190 different feed products.


The schedules module allows you to setup re-occurring services which will either create log book items, tasks, or send you reminders.

Measurement Tracking

Easily keep track of your equines temperature, worm count, height, or any other type of measurement.


With Notes you can keep a rich, formatted, and historic set of notes against a client and horses.

Coming Soon - Tasks

Running a smooth equine business means keeping on top of your daily tasks. The task module provides a simple but powerful task management system allowing you to easily create, track, and assign tasks to you team.

Coming Soon - Mobile Access

With Mobile Access you will be able to give your staff access via their mobiles to key information about horses, such as dietary requirements and medical records. Also allow your staff to record log book entries such as when horses have been turned out and brought back in.

Coming Soon - Bank Import

With the bank import Equi-Man will be able to automatically mark invoices as paid.

Coming Soon - Packages

Group your services into a package which can then be sold to a client.

Modular Pricing

Why pay for a platform that's based on how busy your equine business is?

Equi-man’s pricing isn’t based on how many clients or equine’s you need to manage, it’s based on the features you want to use. That’s right, whether you want to record the details of 1 equine or 1000, you pay the same base price!